Savage Outdoors

Emerging from the chalk dust and wood shavings of the now sadly disbanded Dublin Arch Co-op, Savage Outdoors is Ray Carter, a cabinet maker turned finger-board craftsman and Stephen Mc Gowan, our I.T and multi-pitch guru/geek. In the Arch, the seeds for our company were sown, watered with numerable post bouldering pints and fed with a mutual dissatisfaction of the fingerboards available on the market at the time.

Ray's years of designing and producing cabinetry for a wide variety of clients left an unshakable belief that the quality and performance of our products is of prime importance, followed by keen pricing. That's why here at Savage you won't find any MDF or laminated chipboard training aids, volumes, and fingerboards, badly finished splintery finger pockets, or products made to meet low prices and expectations. Our aim is to build better training aids for the climbing community, so that you can get more enjoyment from your climbing, improve your grades or hopefully stay injury free, and by letting us know what we're doing right, or wrong, we too can improve and help you, in some small way.